10-days BVLOS training

The completion of BVLOS course (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and passing a state examination is required for obtaining an authorization to perform flights beyond range of vision as a remunerated activity. The course comprises of a lecure series and practical trainings. After undergoing the formation, you will be prepared not only to take the state examination for this qualification, but also to operate
an aviation business. 


Theoretical trainings

A theoretical training takes place in a cosy atmosphere created thanks to a spacious, air-conditioned lecture room, equipped with every element essential for your formation. The academy, apart from the vital facilities such as a multimedia projector, an interactive whiteboard and so forth, manages a great variety of training materials accessible to all of the participants.

Our professional staff will take care of the trainings quality – specialists in aviation law, meteorology, navigation, structure and division of the airspace or aerospace medicine. Our academy leaves at your disposal, transparent training materials, in accordance with our official formation programme published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which will help to ground the knowledge acquired during the lectures, also after finishing the course.

BVLOS programme is a set of the same aspects, but it covers them on an advanced level, this is why the course requires a 10 days training. Futhermore, the programme was enriched in topics such as fly zone analysis, fly zone safety, emergency sutuations – dealing procedures and a lecture devoted to the analisys of the previous aeronautical incidents and failures of the preventioning systems. The knowledge acquired at UASA Academy will enable you to take the state examinantion of the Civil Aviation Authority, in our training center, just after the course completion.

The BVLOS theoretical training includes:

  1. flight mechanics
  2. electronics, steering and transmission systems
  3. flight performance rules
  4. safety and emergency situations
  5. human being as a pilot and UAV operator – opportunities and limitations
  6. aerospace medicine
  7. aviation law
  8. operations procedures
  9. general knowledge of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  10. structure and division of the polish fly zone
  11. air traffic service and the aerospace management
  12. practical preparation to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flights performance
  13. flight performance rules
  14.  flight performance safety and operator’s responsibilities
  15. emergency situations and procedures

Practical training:

The BVLOS practical training at UASA Academy takes place in a special 20 square kilometre area. All of this aerospace is located in a mostly uninhabited territory – full of forests, fields, meadows and lakes. This beautiful place is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. In these specific conditions UASA offers you not only a high-quality preparation for the state examination of the Civil Aviation Authority but also lets you develop skills to such a level that your flights will be fully safe and compliant with the law in force. To pursue these goals we offer you the best quality flight simulators with all of the flight modes adequate to this kind of formation.

The practical BVLOS training is adpated to the the individual needs of each client. Thus, even a complete beginner in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle steering is able to complete a BVLOS training without accoplishing a VLOS course, since the first also includes flights in the operator‘s visual line of sight. Therefore, it may be considered as a particular extension or a beginning in obtaining the qualifications.

The flying equipment, which will be at your disposal, comprises of the best models currenty obtainable on the market. They will be available to you during the state examination in our center as well as during the course.

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