5 -days VLOS training

The completion of VLOS course (Visual Line of Sight) and passing a state examination is required for obtaining an authorization to perform flights within the operator’s or observator’s range of vision as a remunetated activity. The course comprises of a lecture series and practical trainings. After undergoing the formation, you will be prepared not only to take the state axamination for this qualification, but also to operate an aviation business.


Theoretical trainings

A theoretical training takes place in a cosy atmosphere created thanks to a spacious, air-conditioned lecture room, equipped with every element essential for your formation. The academy, apart from the vital facilities such as a multimedia projector, an interactive whiteboard and so forth, manages a great variety of training materials accessible to all of the participants.

Our professional staff will take care of the trainings quality – specialists in aviation law, meteorology, navigation, structure and division of the airspace or aerospace medicine. Our academy leaves at your disposal, transparent training materials, in accordance with our official formation programme published by the President of Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA), which will help to ground the knowledge acquired during the lectures, also after finishing the course. The knowledge acquired in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Academy will allow you to take an national examination in front of Examinator representing Polish Civil Aviation Authority just after the training.

The VLOS theoretical training includes:

1) flight mechanics
2) electronics, steering and transmission systems
3) flight performance rules
4) safety and emergency situations
5) human being as a pilot and UAV operator – opportunities and limitations
6) aerospace medicine
7) aviation law
8) structure and division of the polish fly zone
9) air traffic service and the aerospace management
10) practical preparation to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flights performance
11) flight performance safety and operator’s responsibility

Practical trainings:

The practical training begins in a special lecture room, where, with the help of new, high quality computers and one of the best symulators on the market, you will be introduced to the basic rules of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flights pilotage. Subsequenlty, you will betake yourself to our training yard, located in the middle of a forest, in not more than a 100 meters distance from the lecture room.

This kind of location, being far from third parties or traffic, stronlgy influences the student’s mentality.  It is essential that our clients don’t feel any fear of crating a risk to others. This is particularly important in the first hours of the course, seeing that it allows for a complete concentration of the formation goal – which is a full control of  the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The training yard is very spacious and complies with the requirements specified by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority for this kind of formation. Our instructors will teach you all of the piloting rules, vehicle controlling, examination figures and if necessary, they will select our special, designed exercises, in order to help you solve any steering difficulties. 

The flying equipment including drones will be at your disposal during the state examination in our center as well as during the course. It comprises of the best models currently obtainable on the market of civil drones. 

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